Brief Review

SizeGenetics belongs to the top-ranked branded penis enlargement systems. And it’s one of the best devices among the similar ones, existing nowadays. This well thought-out system is designed to provide maximum comfort necessary to get maximum results and full customer satisfaction.
You will experience favourable changes in your penis size if you use the device on an on-going basis for several months. You shouldn’t worry about the results. They will not disappear once you cease wearing the extender. So, you should use it only till the day you meet your target.
The mechanism of the device action is quite simple. The extender holds and supports the penis. And it acts by softly pulling the penis and, hence, increasing its size.
It’s necessary to choose the extender that fits you well in order to really achieve a sustainable growth. But the frequency of use plays the most important role for the results you finally get. It’s obvious that the use of the device for several hours per day will enable you to reach your goal much quicker. If you use the device from time to time for several minutes, it will take much time to see the desired penis size.

Product Pros

16 Way Comfort Accessory Pack

16 way comfort system is a decisive competitive edge which the manufacturer offers its customers. By offering this pack, the manufacturer emphasizes the understanding of each man’s uniqueness. The exclusive accessory pack suggests 16 various wearing options so that each man could comfortably use the device. There are 5 gripping materials which have made the creation of this pack possible. The comfort system allows you to get the best out of the device.


The highly adjustable system makes it easy to position the device on the penis. This extender gives every man an opportunity to use the extender without any difficulties. Complete wearing adjustability is a pledge for the long-lasting use of the device. This time is needed in order you could get the results you want.

Proper Angling

The application of multi-directional angling technology is one more feature that makes this penis extending device to stand out from the rest of the extenders. The matter is that slight penile curvature is a common thing for many men. By using the angling technology, the manufacturer tailored the device to satisfy the specific demand of each man and eliminate any possible discomfort. Regardless of degree of penile curvature, you will feel absolutely comfortable.

Godsend for Curved Penis

It’s the best possible option for men with a medical condition called curved penis. In this case men have a severe penis curvature which not only makes penis shorter, but also doesn’t allow the men to fully enjoy sex life. The healthcare professionals claim that this device can help the men enlarge the curved penis. Also, the manual includes exercises, doing which it’s possible to promote the penis growth. In addition, the men can even achieve substantial results in penis straightening and, therefore, rebuild self-esteem and improve bedroom performance.


The high level of privacy means a lot when it comes to the delicate issue of increasing the penis size. You definitely don’t want everyone to know what you are going to do. The manufacturer foresaw the customers’ desire to keep the purchase secret. That’s why it provides a leather case which safely hides the carefully wrapped device. Also, the storage box has no pictures, letting nobody peep what’s inside.

Safe Travel Case

The manufacturer also offers an excellent travel case with key lock. If you are planning a journey and don’t want to stop extending your penis, this case is what you need to safeguard your privacy. The top-notch materials ensure reliability and durability.

Money Protection

The manufacturer provides a long-term money back guarantee which is valid for 180 days. It’s an incredible competitive advantage over the other rivals, the guarantee of which is valid only for 60 days. It means that your rights and interests are completely protected. You will not lose your money if you don’t experience any positive changes after the device use. If this really happens, just ask the manufacturer for a refund. And you will get your money back.

Product Cons

High Price

This device is in the list of the first-class penis extenders which offer their users numerous undeniable advantages and help enjoy great results. That’s why it’s not surprising that the price for the top-range device is high. But it really worth the money since it’s an excellent investment in your psychosexual satisfaction. There are still much cheaper options. Will they give you the desired result? Most probably, you will leave money on the table and finally realize the necessity to purchase this device.

No Quick Results

When you start using this device, it’s very significant to understand that it’s impossible to get instant results. Your penis will not grow in a week. You have to persistently move towards your goal. You should be patient and highly motivated. And regularly use the device. If you do this for several hours on a daily basis, you are sure to increase the penis size.

Bottom Line

Customer feedback gives evidence that it’s easy to apply the device to the penis. The manufacturer exerted every effort to improve the wearer’s comfort. The device design is perfectly thought-out. That’s why it’s even possible to use it outside home. And nobody will notice anything. It will take approximately 3 months to make your penis at least half an inch bigger. The next 3 months will also enable you to experience minimum 1 inch gain. The main thing is to use the extender regularly. Your success depends on your persistence and devotion.