Once you are a confident user of a penis pump, after at least 3 months of regular use, you can add in an additional technique often referred to as pulsing which is widely believed to speed up the size gains made as a result of using a penis pump.
Proper preparation before using your pump and a gradual increase in time and pressure are keys to long term success and will also prevent damage to the penis.
Pulsing is achieved by pumping and releasing the vacuum at distinct and regular intervals in sets, similar to any repetitive exercise regime. During these sessions, the chambers of the penis relax and expand more frequently.
Remember this should only be attempted after 3 months of regular pumping following the recommended pumping routine.
To begin with each set should last no longer than 15 minutes and repeated no more than 3 times. (3×15 minute sets) 3 times per week. The usual pre/post and during preparation should be included each time.
During each set you need to maintain the pressure provided there is no discomfort and gradually increase pressure with each set, every 5-10 minutes. Take care not to increase the pressure too fast as blistering and bursting of blood vessels can occur.
Penis Pumps: Take It Gently
Allow for at least 15minute breaks between each set to allow fresh blood to circulate through the penis and give the penis tissue time to recover.  If at any time there is any pinching, discomfort or pain, simply release the pressure valve and either retry or end the set.
If after pumping your penis is very sensitive, do not resume pumping until this sensitivity has eased.  It is not generally recommended to have sex immediately after pumping as the penis is often sensitised.
Once you have completed your session, it is recommended that you slip a wide band stretchy silicone cock ring, with lubricant, around the base of the penis and testicles for 15 minutes to an hour or to wear unrestrictive underwear so your penis hangs freely. Tantus silicone stretchy cock rings are available from D.VICE and are ideal to use after pumping.
Once the session is completed, it is recommended that a silicone ring or some sort of restrictive aide be worn to maintain the pumped state. This helps to have the penis stay in this pumped state as long as possible to make the tissues start to heal in this elongated state. Additionally, try to stay away from restrictive clothing to allow your penis to hang as freely as possible to maximize the pumped state.
D.VICE stocks a selection of penis pumps including the popular Bathmate hydro pumps that can be used in the bath and shower.

A Penis Pump Can Help

Many men are concerned about the size of their penis and wonder if a penis pump might help.
A lot of guys believe that ‘bigger is better’ and men who watch a lot of pornography, may compare themselves unfavourably to the porn stars, who are chosen for the size of their penis.
A Penis Pump Can Reduce Distress
Women are far less concerned about penis size than men and are much more interested in the lovemaking techniques of their sexual partner, so focusing on penis size can be unhelpful and distressing for many men.
Penis size does vary greatly from man to man, just like other body parts, every guy has a
unique penis and there are many variations in size and shape, there may be some hereditary factors in penis size, however factors such as ethnicity have little influence.
There is a greater range in flaccid penis size than when a penis is erect. Men with a small
flaccid penis size that increases significantly when erect are known as ‘growers’ and most
men are growers-hence a flaccid penis is not an actual indication of erect penis size. Men
who have a larger flaccid penis size that does not increase significantly when erect are known as ‘showers’. Men who are circumcised tend to average 8mm less in length than those men with their foreskin intact.
Below are the statistics for average penis size;
• An average flaccid penis length: 8.9 –10cm (3.5–3.93 inches)
• An average erect penis length: 12.9 –15cm (5.1–5.9 inches)
• An average fully erect penis circumference, a measurement around the penis
12.3–12.63cm (4.85–4.97 inches)
So is there a way to permanently increase the size of your penis? Yes there is.
Regular Use Of A Pump Is Recommended
A penis pump and penis extender is the only natural, tested and effective way of increasing penis size. It does require regular and frequent use for the first few months and then a regular but infrequent
–every 10 days – ongoing to maintain the gains in penis size. You can find all you need to know about using a penis pump on this site including the how and why a penis pump works.
By following the step by step pumping programme you can enjoy the benefits and confidence that using a penis pump can bring.