That’s a loaded question. Obviously, there are a number of different techniques that can be used to try and increase the size of the male sexual organ. Go back a few hundred years and you’ll probably find people tying rocks to their penises to try and increase the size. Of course, this is not a safe method and should be avoided at all costs! That is an extreme example, but it this goes to show that there are unsafe methods. Luckily there are safe ones as well.

Looking at the different procedures you can use, consider penis enlargement surgery. There is a risk that is associated with any kind of invasive surgery and that is the case with this as well. It is effective in approximately 30% of the cases, but it comes with a risk that many men are not willing to take. For a small increase in the size of your erection, would you be willing to go under the knife? This is also prohibitively expensive for most people.

Another popular method is the penis pump. These are not known for causing any serious side effects to the male sexual organs. They can be used safely and they create suction that will draw blood into the penis. The problem is that these devices only provide the short term solution and don’t bring about any kind of permanent increase in the size of male sexual organs.

Penis pills are also a common product that is used by men who want to have increased size. It is difficult to put all of them into the same category as some contain harmful ingredients and some do not. Again, these are not known for increasing the size of the penis to any noticeable degree. It may be effective in improving libido and that is not a bad thing but they really can’t be relied on as a method for getting a longer or thicker erection.

One device that does show noticeable results is the traction device. Penis extenders like ProExtender, Male Edge and SizeGenetics are designed to gently stretch the penis over time. They cause a breakdown of the cells that make up the corpora cavernosa and they will duplicate as a result. This means that more blood can flow into the penis and erections will be greater in terms of both length and thickness. If you stick to these products, then you will get traction devices that have been developed by medical practitioners and are perfectly safe to use.