Do you often wish you had a bigger penis?
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Well you are not alone as millions of men also feel the same way. Not being satisfied about the size of your penis can affect your confidence levels as well as your performance in bed.
A small penis cannot penetrate as deeply as a bigger penis can. As a result, women are not likely satisfied with the size of your penis because they get less pleasure from it. This is even truer when their previous lovers may have had a bigger penis than you have.

The disadvantages of a small penis are many and vast.

However, there certainly is hope. According to, increasing the size of your penis is actually possible through the use of a penis enlargement device. And penis extenders which make use of traction are actually the most effective tool in increasing penis size.

If you are really intent on having bigger penis length and girth, then you should seriously consider these penis enlargement devices:

Rated No. 1 – SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics device has been in the market for 16 long years. To this day, it still remains the number one selling penis extender. And for very good reasons, too.
Take pleasure from a more active sex life with these benefits:
2-3 inches increase in penis length
1-1.5 inch increase in penis girth
Bigger, thicker and longer lasting erections
Increase sex drive and stamina
Straightening of a bent penis
What makes SizeGenetics superior among other devices is its 16 way comfort system and MDA technology. This patented design allows you to wear the device in 16 different comfortable ways and in multiple directional angles. This only ensures that even the most pickiest and sensitive penis will be comfortable in wearing SizeGenetics.
SizeGenetics has also been a certified medical type 1 device by the health authorities in Europe. It is clinically proven to work and comes highly recommended by renowned medical specialists.
If you want to settle for the best, use this device. No other penis extender can give you more massive penis enlargement gains than SizeGenetics.
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Rated no. 2 – X4 Labs

X4 Labs comes in as the second best penis extender. This penis enlargement device is also clinically proven to be effective and is a CE certified medical device.
Use of X4 Labs will allow you to enjoy benefits like:
Increase penis length and girth
Stronger, harder and fully engorged erections
Erections at will and on demand
Increase libido
Straightening of a bent penis
The X4 Labs devices are well recognized for its quality construction and use of top grade materials. It even uses brass and 24 karat gold in some extenders.
X4 Labs penis extenders are also very comfortable to wear. You will be able to use it discretely for several hours daily without feeling any discomfort. This will allow you to enjoy faster and more massive gains.
Several bonuses are also offered with every package. You’ll get a great value for your money for a very effective penis enlargement device.

It might take you a few short months to get noticeable results from a great penis extender but the effort and wait are worth it.
Remember: Penis enlargement results from penis extenders are permanent so you get to have a larger penis for the rest of your

7 Things You Must Know Before You Buy SizeGenetics

best penis extendersIf you are not already aware of it, SizeGenetics is a penis extender product that has shown to give significant results. If you are interested in having a larger sexual organ, then there are seven things that you should know about it.

1. The best way to increase penis sizes to use the traction method. SizeGenetics is a device that fits over the penis and will gently stretch it so that you safely bring about cell duplication. This is the most effective method of bringing about an increase in size.

2. Not only do you not have to be concerned about a reduction in the firmness of your erection but you’ll actually find that your erections are harder. The blood flow to the penis is increased and this means that you and your partner will enjoy rock hard erections.

3. SizeGenetics is part of a complete system that will not only allow you to enjoy the benefits of a larger penis, but it will also provide you with details about exercises that can increase your size and performance. Information about different sexual techniques is also included.

4. Privacy is important and the company has thought of this as well. It comes with a lockable leather case and that means that you are the only one that needs to know that you’re using it.

5. The SizeGenetics product grows along with you. As you start to notice an increase in both the length and the width of your erections, you will also notice that your flaccid penis is larger. There are spare parts that come with the product that allow it to grow along with you.

6. A guarantee is extremely important when you are buying a Penis Extender that promises to increase the size of your penis. Many products will offer a guarantee that is far too short, but this one comes with a six month guarantee. That gives you peace of mind and lets you know that it works.

7. Nobody wants to take chances when it comes to their sexual organs. This product is endorsed by doctors, and it also carries the European CE mark as a type 1 medical device. That means that it is safe to use on top of being incredibly effective.

Don’t wait any longer to start enjoying the benefits of having a larger penis. The SizeGenetics product uses proven scientific methods and comes as a complete system that provides you with increased size and improved sexual performance.

Does Big Penis = Better Lover?

Men, if you were a fly on the wall when women were talking about their partners what you think they would have to say about penis size? It is really not likely that you’ll hear them go on about how men with a smaller penis are much better at satisfying them sexually. It’s far more likely that you will hear women boasting about the large size of their man’s erection. If you didn’t think it was possible to get a larger penis then you should do some research into options that will help.

The most effective method of increasing the size of your penis is actually an approach that uses more than one solution. It should include products like Male Edge, ProExtender and SizeGenetics that will use the proven method of traction to gradually stretch the penis. These products do this over time and part of the device will fit over the corona or tip of the penis. The effect that this has is to break down the tissues gently. Just like you would when you’re building muscle, you need to break down tissue to rebuild it. When this happens, you’ll have cell duplication and soon find that your erections are not only longer but thicker as well.

You probably know that a big part of sexual performance has to do with confidence. When you feel good about yourself and you are experiencing larger erections, your interest in sex will increase and your libido will as well. The products like SizeGenetics, ProExtender and Male Edge also come with information about sexual exercises that you can do to improve performance and increase blood flow. This gives you better control and harder erections.

There’s simply no getting around the fact that having a larger penis is going to make you feel better and also make you more able to pleasure your partner. Whether you are with somebody for the first time and she is amazed by your huge erection or if it is somebody you have been with for a while who is noticing how big you are getting, it will mean more enjoyable sex for both of you.

X4 Labs Penis Extender

In the world of penis enlargement products, there are many contenders. Not only are there different types of products but each category contains many options. Research has indicated that penis extenders that make use of the concept of traction are the most effective. Given that information, it now falls to the consumer to choose which of these is going to be best.

One of the first things that you need to look for is a product that has quality construction. The products that come from X4 Labs are immediately recognizable as well-built devices. Materials like 24 karat gold and brass are used in the manufacturing process. The different extenders that are offered by X4 Labs are comfortable to wear and easy to use.


Something that this company offers which is uncommon in the industry is selection.  There are a number of different packages that will allow the purchaser to choose different amounts of tension or even choose a device that is made for a specific purpose like peyronies disease.  This is a curvature of the penis and the peyronies edition with nitin brass will be extremely effective for solving this issue.

It is also nice to see products that come as a complete set.  The advantage here is that the device can grow with you as you start to realize gains in size.  You can either choose a starter edition or one of the other packages that includes a variety of elongation rods.

The different packages also come with a number of complementary products. There are educational DVDs available in some of the packages. There are also things like a cleansing mousse and excellent additions to the line-up including memory foam for the silicone harness or for the comfort strap and a 3-in-1 hybrid support system.

Something that is extremely important to look at when it comes to penis growth devices is the guarantee. While many in the industry will offer something that lasts only a few weeks, the minimum guarantee from X4 Labs is one year. Many of the products have five year guarantees and if you get the gold package, it comes with an amazing lifetime guarantee.

Many men have purchased an extender device is only to find that they are poorly made. They can be uncomfortable, break easily and not deliver the results that are expected. If you want to bypass this process, then X4 Labs products is the way to go.

How To Attain Permanent Penis Growth?

Lasting penis growth is precedence for numerous adult males out there. It is an unfortunate and simple truth that not everybody’s penile will get to a size that will meet their wishes.

So, what ought to be arranged?
Should you stop exiting and meeting people, give up and hide?
Absolutely not!

Alternatively, merely try the most effective way available to accomplish lasting and respectable penis increase.

So, what’s this alleged best way?

It is by utilizing an extension device, which is a product that comes in a lot of dissimilar assortments by a lot of dissimilar companies, but holds one elementary common measure: they work.

Counterpoint the success of extension, which oftentimes give 3 inches or more of increase, to that of tablets and medications that aren’t backed by the Federal Drug Administration, or pumps which are a great deal unsafe and don’t allow for the effects many men look for in a device.

From a results point of view in addition to a safety device viewpoint, extenders stand by far above the contention as the most logical entails of accomplishing lasting male enhancement.

Using an extender admit users to gain in the size and as well to straighten out them if they experience a natural bend. There’s no different way to get all of these benefits instead of utilizing an extender, particularly with the number of success that a penile stretching device will provide.

The stretcher should be worn for at least a couple of hours each day for up to 6 months to six months to have the best conceivable effects, but contrary to pricey pills, those effects are lasting and do not call for a lifespan investment!

There aren’t a lot of new products that will alter your life evermore in a lasting, tangible way for just a couple of hundred bucks! As you consider them that way, a stretching device is a great deal better investment than tablets or one of those pumps.

That is how come penis extenders have been the favorite technique of lasting male enhancement for a long time now, and will carry on being as gentlemen acquiring of how advantageously they work.

At once that you acknowledge which technique is most capable to give you the development you want, it is significant to recognize which extenders act the finest.

Do Women Like A Big Penis?

Does a bear sleep in the woods? You had better believe that women prefer that a man has a sizable erection when it comes time for lovemaking. It is very common for women to be nice and tell their partners that their size is just right but the truth of the matter is that the average size that women prefer is just slightly larger than the average penis size.
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way that you could make up the difference? There is but you have to choose carefully when you are looking at Penis Extenders that promise to increase the size of your sexual organ. There are some that work and some that are not effective. More importantly, some can be dangerous so it is important to do some research and find a product that is both safe and effective.

The method that works the best is called traction. If you have seen devices like the SizeGenetics or the Proextender penis enlargement devices, these are the type of products that will make the difference. Traction involves the gentle stretching of the penis so that the cells are broken down and subsequently duplicate.
The benefit of traction is that it causes the corpora cavernosa to increase in size and that means bigger erections. Not only will users notice that there is an increase in length, but the width of the penis is also enhanced. After you have used products like this for a few months, you’ll start to notice a significant difference and your partner will as well. When you see her reaction, you’ll have the answer to your question about whether or not women prefer a large penis.